Enterprise Profile

    Kaicen Enterprise (Group) formed in 2006, It is a comprehensive enterprise group company with the core of chain operation and management of commercial complex.
    The group covers the chain business operation management, real estate development, real estate whole-process marketing,
    real estate management, advertising promotion, decoration, performance celebration, network development operation, international trade, education school and other operating sectors.
    Now it has become one of the most influential commercial chain enterprises in sichuan area.
    Kaicen Enterprise (Group) is committed to building a business model integrating central store + community store and online & offline,
    based on the southwest consumer market, to conduct in-depth research and construction planning, construction planning,
    construction management and sales management of commercial real estate, complete the business planning, investment promotion, operation and management of property management,
    and a complete commercial real estate management system has been established.

    Kaicen Wenjiang Shopping Mall

    Kaicen Wenjiang Shopping Mall(Kaicen Home Decorative City)is the chain flagship store of Kaicen Home Decorative City,
    The shopping mall is located in the core area of the home building materials business circle in the central district of Wenjiang City.

    Kaicen Renshou Shopping Mall

    Kaicen Renshou Shopping Mall(Kaicen Home Decorative City)is in the new center of south Renshou,
    is only 100 meters away from the downtown south street garden, adjacent to Outlets, Jingdong,

    Kaicen Zhongjiang Shopping Mall

    Kaicen Zhongjiang Shopping Mall(Kaicen Home Decorative City)is located in the commercial center of Zhongjiang New City,
    it covers an area of 110 mu and a construction area of 80,000 square meters. Zhongjiang County is the largest county with the largest population in Deyang City,

    Kaicen Qionglai Shopping Mall

    Kaicen Qionglai Shopping Mall(Kaicen Home Decorative City)is the key project in Qionglai City.It is located in North New city of Qionglai,
    the future new town center, the business area is 20,000 square meters. It is surrounded by streets, with smooth roads and convenient traffic,

    Enterprise Culture

    Kaicen Enterprise (Group) is an enterprise with inheritance and striving history.With twelve years of struggle and Kaicen people’ rugged pursuits,
    it has accumulated excellent corporate culture for Kaicen, and create a unique corporate soul.
    This is the precious spiritual wealth of Kaicen,
    and the internal driving force for the continuous development and growth of the cause of Kaicen.
    Our Vision and Our Mission: Create a business chain with southwest characteristics of the century-old brand store.
    Core Values: Integrity, Innovation, Development, Performance
    Business Idea:Create business circle and build a business platform of sharing and multi-win.

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